Crazy Kool-Aid - November 3, 2008

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June 11, 2010

November 3, 2008


Well actually my birthday is coming up on veterins day just in case you don't know what day that that is it is for your information. November 11, 2008. I actually forgot about that untill a few days ago. So really im anticipating that so bad. What's on my wish list is a lot of things but some thing's on my list that I need for the computer is a webcam so I could make a webshow and post it up on here. But what i really want? I want a laptop! This dell
is killing me.

Halloween Storys:

Ok heres what happened on my halloween. Well It was my Friend Alexis, Garrett, And his girlfriends name which I cannot spell it. First me and Garrett went to Alexis's house. Then we waited for Garrett's gf to come. Then when she came. Then we went around the neighborhood. (it was like 30 houses in the sub division and probably 6 houses had candy). But what was funny was that we saw a sign on somebodys door that said no trick or treating. Im serious they went on microsoft word and printed up a sign that said no trick or treating. And what was really crazy was that they had pumpkins in their yard. Scarecrows and the whole halloween theme. But no candy. They suck. Long story short: They started to play keep-away with my shoe, talked about 2 girls in 1 cup, went back to Alexis house, went back out again and got some more candy and then waited for Garretts gf to leave so we could go to another neighborhood. And my mom crashed the party by saying get home now! We probably stayed out form 8 or 7 something to 10 or 11 something. Nice. And this concludes the longest blog ever on kool-aid.


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