Crazy Kool-Aid - October 15,2009

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June 11, 2010

October 15, 2009

Well, it is certainly good to be back on kool-aid and i have a lot to write.

#1. I'm in
HIGH SCHOOL! and it feels good! I guess.i I'm writing right now during the lunch period and that brings me to #2.

#2. I am in the library during lunch period because all my friends were supposed to have 2nd lunch but their teacher didn't like the idea of spliting his class into 2, so he gave them 3rd lunch. my lunch. and so it was all fine and dandy for like about 10 weks until

Der Der DER! The principal found out, cussed out their teacher and then sent them packing back to 2nd lunch. So i have like absolutly NO friends in 3rd lunch.

So I am starting to go to the library instead of eating lunch and i figure that hey! i can just loose weight by surfing the web?! and that is why i am in they library. I mean im 5'5 and 140 something. Thats VERY close to overweight, so why not lose some weight while im at it.

#3. My love life SUCKS ASS! You know when a whole bunch of people say that there are more girls in high school?
They're absolutly right! But you don't hear them say that because of the abundance of girls doesn't mean your going to get one.
Imean, there are no girls here that fit me. no one that shares my personality. WHY!!!!

But thats it for now.


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Comment posted by joy johnson, 11/07/2009 at 3:44pm (UTC):
r u sure that there no gurls out there that fits u cuz a heard of this gurl that still got the hots for u after all that crap that happened. yeah LJ she is just ur type so call her b4 she says yes 2 the other hot dudes at her school.

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